Canine Whelping Assistance

Canine Whelping Assistance
Assisting With Canine Whelping, Or The Process Of A Dog Giving Birth, The Pet Care Centre Provide Support And Guidance To Dog Owners And Breeders During The Whelping Process, Which Is The Act Of Giving Birth To A Litter Of Puppies. These Services Are Essential For Ensuring The Health And Well-Being Of Both The Mother Dog (Bitch) And Her Puppies. Here Are Some Key Aspects Of Dog Whelping Assistance Services:
  1. On-Site Assistance: Some Dog Owners And Breeders May Opt For On-Site Assistance During The Whelping Process. A Professional Whelping Assistant Or Veterinarian Will Be Present To Monitor The Bitch And Provide Immediate Help If Complications Arise.
  2. Remote Consultations: In Some Cases, Dog Breeders May Seek Advice And Guidance Through Remote Consultations With Experienced Professionals. This Can Involve Video Calls, Phone Consultations, Or Email Communication To Discuss The Progress Of Labour And Any Concerns.
  3. Whelping Kits: Whelping Assistance Services Often Provide Whelping Kits That Include Essential Supplies And Equipment Needed For A Successful Birth. These Kits May Contain Items Such As Sterile Gloves, Scissors, Umbilical Cord Clamps, Heating Pads, Scales, And More.
  4. Monitoring And Health Checks: Our Professionals & Experienced Whelping Assistants Monitor The Bitch’s Health And The Progress Of Labour, Checking For Any Signs Of Distress Or Complications. They Also Provide Guidance On How To Care For The Puppies Once They Are Born.
  5. Education And Training: Whelping Assistance Services Offer Educational Resources And Training For Dog Owners And Breeders To Help Them Understand The Whelping Process, Recognise Signs Of Distress, And Be Prepared For Various Scenarios.
  6. Emergency Assistance: In Cases Of Emergencies, Such As A Stuck Puppy, Difficulty In Delivering, Or Excessive Bleeding, Whelping Assistants Are Trained To Take Immediate Action To Ensure The Safety Of Both The Mother And Her Puppies. We Will Assist In Repositioning Puppies Or Providing Emergency Medical Care.
  7. Postnatal Care: After The Puppies Are Born, The Pet Care Centre Will Continue To Offer Guidance On Caring For The New-Borns, Including Feeding, Warmth, And Health Checks.
It’s Important For Dog Owners And Breeders To Be Prepared For The Whelping Process, As Complications Can Arise. Professional Whelping Assistance Services Help Minimise Risks And Ensure A Safe And Healthy Birth For The Mother And Her Puppies. If You Are A Dog Owner Or Breeder, Consider Seeking The Help Of Experienced Professionals To Assist During The Whelping Process, Especially If You Are New To Breeding Or Have Concerns About The Health Of The Mother Or Puppies.