No Advance Booking & Overnight

No Advance Booking

We Provide Overnight Pet Sitting Service By Professional Pet Sitters To Take Care Of Your Pets In Their Own Home Or In The Pet Owner’s Home During The Owner’s Absence, Typically Overnight. This Service Is Especially Useful For Pet Owners Who Need To Travel Or Be Away From Home For An Extended Period Of Time And Want To Ensure That Their Pets Are Well-Cared For And Comfortable In Their Own Environment. NO ADVANCED BOOKING REQUIRED.

Here’s What Overnight Pet Sitting Typically Entails:

  1. Stay At The Pet Owner’s Home: The Pet Sitter Stays At The Pet Owner’s Home Overnight, Providing Companionship And Care To The Pets.
  2. Feeding And Watering: The Pet Sitter Feeds The Pets According To Their Regular Schedule And Ensures They Have Access To Clean Water.
  3. Exercise And Playtime: Dogs, Cats, And Other Pets Often Require Exercise And Playtime. The Pet Sitter Will Engage In Activities With The Pets To Keep Them Active And Happy.
  4. Medication And Special Needs: If Any Pets Have Medical Conditions Or Special Needs, The Pet Sitter Will Administer Medications Or Provide The Necessary Care.
  5. Basic House Sitting: In Addition To Pet Care, The Pet Sitter May Offer Basic House-Sitting Services, Such As Bringing In The Mail, Watering Plants, And Maintaining The Security Of The Home.
  6. Regular Updates: Good Pet Sitters Provide Regular Updates To The Pet Owners, Including Texts, Photos, Or Phone Calls, To Keep Them Informed About Their Pets’ Well-Being.
  7. Customised Care: Pet Sitters Often Tailor Their Services To The Specific Needs And Routines Of The Pets. This Can Include Following Feeding Schedules, Walking Routines, And Any Other Specific Requests Made By The Pet Owner.
  8. Security And Peace Of Mind: Pet Owners Can Have Peace Of Mind Knowing That Their Pets Are Being Well Cared For In Their Absence, And Their Home Is Secure.

When Hiring An Overnight Pet Sitter, It’s Essential To Choose Someone With Experience, Good References, And A Genuine Love For Animals. It’s Also Important To Have A Clear Agreement Or Contract In Place That Outlines The Services Provided, The Schedule, And The Compensation.

Overnight Pet Sitting Can Be An Excellent Alternative To Boarding Facilities, As It Allows Pets To Stay In Their Familiar Environment, Reducing Stress And Anxiety For Both The Pets And Their Owners. Get In Touch With The Pet Care Centre Today To Make Arrangements.