Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan

We Are Expert In Pet Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound Animal Pregnancy Scanning Service

Dr Emma Kirke Is Qualified And Regulated To Carry Out Animal Ultrasound Scans. This Can Be Done At Our Clinic Or In Your Own Home Or Kennels. An Ultrasound Scan Will Allow Us To:

  • Confirm A Pregnancy.
  • Measure The Litter Progress.
  • Indicate The Litter Numbers And Sizes.
  • Calculate An Accurate Whelping Date.
  • Check Heartbeats And Detect Any Problems.

A Pet Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan Is A Medical Imaging Procedure Used To Determine If A Female Animal, Such As A Dog, Cat, Or Other Animal, Is Pregnant. This Diagnostic Tool Is Commonly Used By Our Veterinarians To Confirm Pregnancy In Animals, Monitor The Development Of The Fetuses, And Estimate The Number Of Puppies Or Kittens In The Womb. Here’s Some Information On How It Works And Why It’s Used:

Procedure: During The Ultrasound Scan, High-Frequency Sound Waves Are Transmitted Through A Handheld Device Called A Transducer. The Sound Waves Bounce Off Internal Structures, Such As The Developing Fetuses And The Uterus, Creating Images On A Screen. These Images Can Be Used To Assess The Pregnancy And The Overall Health Of The Mother And Her Offspring.

Timing: Ultrasound Scans For Pet Pregnancies Are Typically Performed Around 25 To 35 Days After Mating, As This Is When The Fatal Structures Become Visible. However, The Optimal Timing May Vary Depending On The Species Of Animal, So It’s Best To Consult With The Pet Care Centre Today.

Confirmation Of Pregnancy: The Scan Can Confirm Whether The Animal Is Pregnant Or Not. It Can Also Help Detect Any Potential Complications Or Issues With The Pregnancy.

Estimating The Number Of Fetuses: The Ultrasound Can Provide An Estimate Of How Many Fetuses Are Present. This Is Valuable Information For The Owner And The Veterinarian To Prepare For The Upcoming Litter.

Monitoring Fetal Development: Ultrasound Allows The Veterinarian To Monitor The Growth And Development Of The Fetuses. They Can Check For Any Abnormalities Or Signs Of Distress.

Non-Invasive: Unlike Some Other Methods Of Pregnancy Detection, Such As X-Rays, Ultrasound Is Non-Invasive And Does Not Expose The Animal Or The Developing Fetuses To Harmful Radiation.

Preparation: In Most Cases, There Is No Special Preparation Required For The Animal Before The Ultrasound. The Pet Should Ideally Be Calm And Cooperative During The Procedure, Which May Require Some Restraint Or Sedation In Some Cases.

It’s Important To Consult With A Veterinarian Who Can Advise On The Best Timing For An Ultrasound Scan And Provide Guidance On The Care And Management Of A Pregnant Pet. Additionally, They Can Provide Insights Into The Specific Needs Of The Pregnant Animal To Ensure A Safe And Healthy Pregnancy And Delivery.

Our West Yorkshire, Ossett Based Pet Centre Uses The Latest Scanning Equipment. Your Pet’s Health And Safety Are Our Number One Priority. We Have 20+ Years Of Experience Handling A Range Of Dog Breeds And Animals Of All Temperaments. The Process Is Safe, Painless And Non-Invasive. Scans Can Be Carried Out While Your Pet Is Standing Or Lying, Whichever Is More Comfortable. We Use A Water-Based Gel And Our Equipment Is Cleaned And Sanitised After Each Scan.